Compost is a fantastic source of rich organic matter which provides nutrients to the soil for growing plants…….

We have a great compost system on Sutton Community  farm, with many compost bins and a very efficient compost toilet;

Our system of Recycling everything and using all kitchen waste like fruit and vegetables scraps , tea , coffee,etc for our composts green matter is very efficient , we also add all the farm green waste too like weeds, plants, clippings, leaves, wood chips, etc together with the brown waste of organic soil, paper, cardboard,etc. We add straw or twigs first as this aids drainage and helps aerate the compost, by adding organic soil to the compost we can mask the strong odours, plus the microorganism that live in the soil help in the acceleration process of decomposition.

It is nice to see so many worms living on our compost, this is an excellent sign as the worms aerate the soil and work and thrive in that moist warm environment.

Our compost bins are made of wood and covered with wood or a plastic sheet , to help retain moisture levels and heat, also to prevent from being over-watered by rain.


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