Potting up

Potting on from seed trays

We select a tray of “Sorrel Volare” plants that are overgrowing the tray and need transplanting into individual pots, first we mix the compost until we achieve a fluffy consistency, filling each individual pot with soil, we then separate each sorrel plant without affecting their roots and place them on their pots, we cover slightly with more soil and press down a little with our fingers, after transplanting  all the sorrel of the tray, the pots are ready for labelling and we water them well.

With the “celeriac” tray we follow the same system as above, only this time we place two plants on each individual pot, one on each opposite corner, so later it will be easier to separate them without affecting their roots, when it is time to transplant them into our beds outside. The celeriac plants are so tiny at this stage that we place three of them together on each corner.

Potting on from Modules,  Transplanting / planting out

Once the salad seedlings that are growing on the cell modules are 5 – 8 cm high, is time to transplant them on the beds of the poly-tunnel if the weather is still too cold outside, or on the fields is the temperature is warm enough and there is not risk of frost ……

We usually work in pairs on a bed preparing the soil and mixing the compost with the shovel turning the soil, making the soil lighter and aerating it until it has the right consistency for our plants, we remove any large stones or roots from weeds placing them in buckets for recycling, we  then make straight rows of five small dig wholes were we will plant out the  “salads”  leaving enough space for them to grown on, around 30 cm  depending of the salad variety, we drop the salad   into each whole and cover with soil pressing down slightly making sure the plant is secure in place. We place a label next to the plants and  water them at the end of the day.

Potting on from pots

We have far too many two “courgettes”  plants on small pots that need transplanting immediately into individual large pots as their roots are overgrowing their small pots and have no more room to grow. We choose larger pots were the plants can grow for a while until it is time for them to be planted on our beds outside , hopefully the weather will be warm soon for them.

After mixing the compost to the right consistency, we fill the large pots with a little soil, then carefully we separate the courgettes roots that have been growing together into half giving us two individual plants, we place each on their pots covering with more soil pressing down a little until the plant is covered , we then add a sprinkle of “red giant muster seeds” that will grow around the plant and help with unwanted pests or disease. we label the different types of courgettes that we have transplanted and water them well.



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