Record Keeping

We start each day with a walk around the farm, first we check the small heated germination shed, were we are propagating the seedlings trays, it is warm inside and dark, perfect for the seeds to grow.

We  look for signs of life in the trays and we found two trays ready to be taken out into the  light heated poly-tunnel. On our diary we record the temperature inside the shed, writing the current, the maximum and the minimum temperature, we also record the temperature outside, which is like freezing today !!!

Taking the trays with us we walk to the heated poly-tunnel, were we also record the temperatures inside and outside the heated mat, we have a thermostat there normally set at 20°C. It is important to observe if  the seed trays are doing well, if there is signs of dryness, humidity, dump,etc. We always open the plastic sheets to let air circulate during the day time and later water the trays that need more moisture.

After checking all the seed trays and notting what need to be done that day we walked to the other poly-tunnels to check how the brassicas, salads and herbs are doing, we are happy with the progress and how the plants are growing even in really cold weather with no much sun light at all……

We grow around 150 different types of vegetables at “Sutton Community farm”  most of them I have never seen before in my life, and that is the beauty about  growing organic plants, the diversity, the quality, the goodness you can see and taste makes me so happy !!!.


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