To do list : …….save the planet !

We live in revolutionary times, many people are waking up to the fact that the economic system we have been living under is not only a lie /scam but it is also destroying our planet at an alarming speed……….we have been busy living our lives, trying to work,  earn a living, trying to succeed in vain, in a world run by global corporations, private banks and police state governments.

Our food supply is full of unhealthy  processed chemical products with no nutrients at all, we find junk cheap food like restaurants in every corner of the high street, and the global supermarkets only sell plastic like pesticides fruit and vegetables, the organic produce is a joke, looking exactly the same as the cheapest brands, we are sold amazing glossy packaging with every meal, too much plastic containers and microwave foods.

Something is clearly wrong with our food supply, agribusiness is destroying the countryside, the wildlife and killing most of our bees with their chemical products,  at the same time most people don’t own land and can’t have access to clean food or water.

It is at this desperate times that communities are coming together to create self-sufficient ways to grow their own produce, people are demanding fair,  excellent, loving  welfare of animals, specially since the horse meat scandal were most supermarkets were selling beef burgers that mostly contain other types of meat, labeling has became a disgrace  in a world were only profits are important, people are demanding and want to know if we are eating  GMOs.……… we want clear labels and at the same time we want freedom to grow our own food using organic methods and heirloom seeds.

Around the planet there is a new movement the “Permaculture Revolution “ a great way to grow food without damaging nature, animals or ecosystems. Many people are learning about being self-sufficient, eco-friendly and promoting alternative energies. I always wanted to have my own piece of land and create a paradise here on earth, now I know is possible.

It is important that each of us take a step in the right direction, to change a system we must create a new one first, make it work and show people there is a better way to live in this planet, a long-term solution. If we want good healthy food we are going to have to grow it ourselves, cook it ourselves, and sell it ourselves. We need to be in charge of our own futures by living in harmony with our environment, respect all life on earth and stop the madness of selling our souls for a piece of paper.

I am marching against Monsanto because I don’t agree with companies that pollute the soil, kill all wildlife and use harmful pesticides for growing  our food, I wan to give government a clear message that ” nature is not for sale ” and to respect the freedom of the people and future generations to abundance free food and clean water, but with the new law being approved in E.U that make it illegal to sell heirloom seeds, plants, products, that have not been register with them and given their permission, it is clear that they are giving the monopoly of food to big corporations like Monsanto; at the same time with climate change governments are playing a very dangerous game with geo-engineering on our planet, and using fracking  to extract gas it is  dangerous and irresponsible. The environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing includes the potential contamination of ground water, risks to air quality, the potential migration of gases and hydraulic fracturing chemicals to the surface, the potential mishandling of waste, and the health effects of these, like cancer.


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